London Welsh Rugby Club - Gallery
Kelvin arrives early and relaxed for game
Pre Match Huddle
Good to see you back
The line up forms
Will Robinson lines up the penalty
Nick Scott competes for the high ball
Dan Browne
Dan Browne forms the pivot for the pack
The attacking position starts to develope
The pack drives through all opposition
They move together as one. Brilliant!!
Peter Browne bursts through the gap
Peter Browne dives towards the try line
A great try by Pete and all of the pack.
The boys walk back pretty pleased with themselves
Will Robinson
Nathan Vella scores
Seb Stegmann breaks two tackles on his way to score
Seb Stegmann scores for London Welsh
Nick Scott dives in to score
Alex Davies runs in to congratulate Nick
Tom May sprints in to score
Peter Lowe and Sonny Parker
Roy loves to have his photo taken